Early Files

  • 6-5-13 Early Files

    140 years ago
    May 28, 1873
    Too young

  • 5-22-13 Early Files

    130 years ago
    May 8, 1883

    A close shave
    Last Sunday afternoon, just this side of Coon Hollow, the engineer on the south bound accommodation train, upon coming round a sharp curve, discovered a man lying by the track with his neck across one of the rails. He blew the whistle and reversed the engine at once, but the distance was so short that the engine stopped within six inches of the man’s neck. He proved to be an Irishman employed at a distillery nearby, who was intoxicated and had lain down and gone to sleep.

  • 5-15-13 Early Files

    140 years ago
    May 7 1873
    Word to the wise

    Next Monday will be County Court Day. Let everyone who has stock to sell bring it in. Let those who want to buy stock come in. Let every man who this week borrows and reads his neighbor’s Standard come in Monday and subscribe for it, and let every subscriber whose time is about to expire step in and renew his subscription.

    80 years ago
    May 12, 1933

  • 5-8-13 Early Files

    60 years ago
    May 1, 1953
    Slated for blacktopping

    The State Highway Department is staking the St. Rose Road this week in preparation for the application of a blacktop surface extending a distance of 9.3 miles from the city limits of Lebanon to a junction with Hwy. 152 near St. Rose. The contract for the job is held by the Carey Construction Company of Lexington, which intends to send a crew here shortly.

    45 years ago
    May 2, 1968
    Arrives in Vietnam

  • 4-24-13 Early Files

    140 years ago
    April 16, 1873
    Sign here, please

  • 4-17-13 Early Files

    80 years ago
    April 21, 1933
    Many apply for new jobs

    The Department of Forestation of the United States Government, in an effort to aid the unemployment situation in the country, will give jobs to 250,000 men between the ages of 18 and 25 years. It is specified that men applying for such places must be unmarried but have dependents.

  • 4-10-13 Early Files

    60 years ago
    April 10, 1953
    15 tapped for duty

    Fifteen Marion County men, most of whom are 20 and 21 years of age, were ordered this week by the local Selective Service board to prepare for Army induction on April 21.
    Mrs. John D. Foote, clerk of the board, said an additional 15 are to be called for induction on April 28.

  • 4-3-13 Early Files

    140 years ago
    April 4, 1873
    Report exaggerated

    Some idiot at Versailles describing himself as “James Jeff” sent us a few weeks ago a notice of death of Mr. and Mrs. Ed M. Elder, which we inserted, supposing it to be correct. It turns out that Mr. Elder is alive and well. It was a very poor joke and has caused Mr. Elder’s relatives considerable trouble.
    One of the most intricate questions with which the human mind has to grapple is to consider what such beings as the so-called “Jeff” were created for.

  • 3-20-13 Early Files

    80 years ago
    March 24, 1933
    Legal beer next month

  • 3-6-13 Early Files

    130 years ago
    March 7, 1883

    Skating rink items
    We postponed the rink on last Friday night to give the people a rest, and because there was a show in town…On next Friday night we will have a sack race. A prize of $5 will be given to the party making three rounds in 40 seconds, a prize of $2 for 45 seconds and prize of $1 for 60 seconds. In preparing the contestant for the race the end of the sack will be cut off to allow the feet to pass through, thus leaving the feet free to make short, quick strokes.


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