• Don’t panic, use caution

    The News-Enterprise

    As the Chinese government reports having quarantined some 45 million of its people at the epicenter of the outbreak, the 2019-nCoV coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in China.

    Confirmed cases are reported to now surpass 24,500 in multiple countries around the world. Of the 500 fatalities reported, virtually all have occurred in and near Wuhan.

  • Saying nothing accomplishes nothing

    Open and honest communication is important in all relationships, whether it’s a personal relationship, a professional relationship or a relationship between governmental agencies and the public.

    When a government agency doesn’t communicate openly and honestly with the public - and the media - it creates distrust, suspicion and frustration.

    And, sometimes, when we feel it’s necessary, The Lebanon Enterprise’s editorial staff uses the opinion page to express our frustrations and disappointment.

  • We should Honor veterans every day, not just on Veterans Day

    Another Veterans Day has passed and, once again, we were reminded of the sacrifices many men and women make to defend our way of life.
    But, truly, every single day we should take time to remember veterans of the armed services, as well as the active military members who are continuing to serve our great country.
    Nov. 11 is significant, however, because it’s the day in 1918 when Germany signed the armistice that ended World War I. Around the world, Americans and their allies celebrated the end to hostilities.

  • Use star system for insight only

    By The News-Enterprise

    Kentucky’s new 5-star rating system for schools provides a simple comparison that’s easily understood.

    But like most simple explanations, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

    The ranking is based on results from K-PREP achievement assessments last spring. It provides a mass overview of the entire student population. Quality education and learning is a much more individualized process.

  • End hunger one helping at a time

    Submitted by the Feeding Kentucky Board of Directors

    Hunger is a reality for nearly 700,000 Kentuckians, including one in five children. They live in every single county and legislative district in the Bluegrass state.

  • We need better solutions for school safety

    Putting guns in the hands of teachers is not the answer to enhancing school safety.
    The idea routinely pops up on social media comments following a mass shooting at a school such as what happened in Marshall County High School last month or Parkland, Florida last week.
    People voicing their opinions on social media is one thing, though. It is a completely different issue for lawmakers to seriously consider allowing teachers to go armed.

  • Initiative addresses hunger in Kentucky

    Landmark News Service

    It’s a situation hard for some of us to fathom.
    Many in the area don’t know from day to day where their next meal is coming from. It’s estimated more than 700,000 Kentucky residents are faced with this dilemma each day.
    Hunger in Kentucky is a dire issue, but one that can be solved.
    To help with the solution, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes recently visited Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland to bolster a hunger-fighting partnership: The Commonwealth of Kentucky Bowl.

  • Immigration laws should factor in compassion and families

    The Kentucky Standard

    Most Americans would likely agree that federal laws and policies should not harm families.
    But that is exactly what is taking place with the federal government’s emphasis on deporting undocumented immigrants, as illustrated by a Bardstown man’s forced removal to Mexico late last month.

  • A Half-Century Of Hometown Pride

    It may have been warmer than people would have liked, but that didn’t melt away any of the fun of Marion County’s biggest annual celebration.

    As usual, thousands of breakfasts were served, Main Street was lined on both sides for the Pigasus Parade, and hundreds took part in fun games, rode rides, and took in the weekend of entertainment.

    And, once again, the most important part of Ham Days was the people. Regardless of when Ham Days “officially” began, it has always been about people.

  • Backpacks for the homeless

    Last year I collected donations for the homeless the project is “Backpacks for the Homeless”. I’m wanting to start this years Backpacks for the Homeless and give them out to the Homeless community in Lebanon. The backpacks will contain several pairs of socks. Dry shampoo. Canned foods with the pull tabs. (Vienna sausages, crackers, peanut butter, stuff like that) deodorant, bottles of water, gloves, a hat, scarf, and hand warmers.


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