• Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

    With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day upon us on April 22, we are already 
    reducing our carbon footprint during the pandemic by severely curtailing 
    travel. But we can do so much more by cutting our consumption of animal meat 
    and milk products. Yes, that.
    A recent article in the respected journal Nature argues that animal 
    agriculture is a major driver of climate change, air and water pollution, 
    depletion of soil and water resources, and destruction of wildlife habitats. 

  • U.S. Postal Service wants to keep you safe

    The United States Postal Service is committed to delivering your mail and packages throughout the current pandemic. We are proud of our role in providing an essential service to every community. The one constant throughout this crisis has been our commitment to fulfilling the vital mission of the Postal Service.  

  • Letters to editor - April 1, 2020

    Dear citizens,

    You’re in a war not of your choice. It is against not a country or persons, it is against a virus. So all of the American population have become soldiers in an American offense force.

    This includes the young or old and not so old. Those that have died are killed in action (KIA). Those that have been infected are the wounded in action (WIA). Those that are not infected or dead from this virus are on-duty soldiers.

  • Put it on the ballot
  • Letter to the editor

    The United Concerned Citizen’s Organization Inc. hosted the 17th Annual Henry Lee Bell Sr. Thanksgiving Outreach at Centre Square in Lebanon on Thanksgiving Day. The Outreach welcomes anyone who would like to share a meal on Thanksgiving.

    This year we served approximately 300 dinners. Our community does an awesome job coming together in unity to provide this service for our community. It could not progress without the love and support from individuals, churches, businesses, and other non-profit organizations.

    Maria A. Bell, president

  • Letter to the editor - The Vanderveers are a blessing
  • Letter to the editor

    Dear citizen,

    Consider the following. You have a republic not a democracy. Your republic has a Bill of Rights for your protection. A democracy is only majority rule. Again consider the following.

    Judge Gideon J. Tucker in 1866 said, “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session.”

    “Democracy and socialism are inseparable. (V.I. Lenin)

    “The instability of our laws is really an immense evil.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    Consider the future in your decisions.

  • Letter to the editor - Beautiful scenery is being destroyed

    Why are trees being cut along our county roads that are not in the right of way? Trees were cut over the fence in our field. Many others have been cut along Tatum Lane and other county roads that were not near the road or obstructing traffic. Sharp pieces of branches were thrown into our field and left on the road also. Marion County has beautiful scenery and it is being needlessly destroyed. Hopefully, this will stop and only trees removed that need to be.

    Barbara H. Warner


  • Concerned about closing LES
  • Letter to the editor - Community Service Center needs food donations

    Community Service Center needs food donations

    The Community Service Center has been a part of the community for more than 25 years, through the generosity of the local churches, a grateful community and caring volunteers. This past year, the center has seen an increase in the need in the community. It has been difficult to keep food stocked on the shelves to serve those in community who are in need. We are encouraging any community club, group or individual to keep the center in mind to donate any non-perishable food.


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