• December 18, 2019, was just another day for Clarice Norris.
    She went to Kroger to pick up medicine, and was sitting in the pharmacy drive-thru at Kroger when her phone rang. She picked it up and saw the call was coming from Jewish Hospital.
    Clarice couldn’t prepare herself for what she was about to hear.
    “I thought they were going to call in a dose change, and I was halfway listening,” she said.


  • “No veteran ever dies.”
    This motto is a mission for the small yet determined staff of the Lebanon National Cemetery.
    The hallowed grounds of the cemetery are the final resting place for thousands of veterans who have proudly served the United States of America.  
    On average each year, approximately 70 veterans will be laid to rest at the Lebanon National Cemetery, located on the outskirts of Lebanon.

  • Juanita Herron considers herself a people person.
    She has always enjoyed meeting people and building relationships.
    And, she enjoys making a difference.
    Her current position, a position she has proudly served in for nearly 23 years, gives her an opportunity to do all of that.
    Herron, 66, was awarded the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award at the Marion County Farm Bureau’s annual meeting on Oct. 14 for her years of service and dedication to agriculture.

  • By Jane Kleyn
    Landmark News Service

    Somewhere in the heart of Lebanon sits a house not unlike any other house on the block, yet like no other house in town. It is known as The Caring Place, and it’s a temporary home to domestic violence survivors.
    National statistics for domestic violence are staggering. The number of clients served at this house tells a story about domestic violence in our neighborhoods.
    The Caring Place serves Marion, Taylor, Nelson and Washington counties.  

  • Saluting 50 years of volunteers

  • By Kacie Goode
    Landmark News Service

    Theresa and Chad Cissell often joked about having a home birth, but they got more than they bargained for when Theresa went into labor en route to the hospital, ultimately giving birth in the middle of the night on the side of a busy highway.
    A few weeks after a traumatic birth, Theresa Cissell and daughter, Leonora Rae, are doing just fine and are grateful to the staff of Bardstown's Flaget Memorial Hospital for their aid.

  • Murals & More, of Franklin, Tennessee, is becoming a mainstay in Marion County.

    The company’s lead artist and owner, Michael Cooper, and his talented crew have already painted four murals in Marion County, paying homage to bourbon, sports and everything Lebanon and Marion County has to offer.

    Mural No. 5 is complete, and it has a unique addition to it.

    The latest mural to hit Marion County pays tribute to the Marion County Country Ham Days Festival, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary this weekend.

  • Prepare to die laughing as "Arsenic and Old Lace," the stage comedy most known for its film adaptation starring Cary Grant and Borris Karloff, comes home to Kentucky Classic Arts at Centre Square in Lebanon Oct. 24-27 and Nov. 1-3 (Sunday matinées at 2 p.m., all other shows at 7 p.m.).

  • Dick Moraja has never considered what he does a “job.”
    It’s far more than that.
    He views it as his way of giving to a community he has grown to cherish.
    Moraja, 78, recently celebrated 50 years at Bosley Funeral Home, 50 years marked with a spirit of compassion and giving.

  • Angela Jordan was born with many gifts.
    But, it’s the gift she gave birth to four and a half years ago that changed her life completely.
    It’s that gift that also led to her discovering her passion for baking and creating edible masterpieces.
    Having grown up a very creative child, Angela credits her parents, Tracy and Stacy Cope, for instilling within her a wild imagination.

  • By Reverend John Russell Stanger

    What experiences changed the way you see the world? For astronaut Nicole Scott, it was seeing earth while spending 106 days in space:

  • Celebrate Recovery

    • Celebrate Recovery and Celebration Place helps people find healing from life’s hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We’re committed to see people set free and experience hope and transformation. CR meets at Lebanon United Methodist Church, 236 N. Spalding Avenue, Tuesdays at 6 p.m. It starts with a meal, then large group gathering and celebration place, (CR for Kids) at 6:30 p.m., followed by open share groups at 7:30 p.m., and solid rock café (desserts) at 8:30 p.m. Everyone is invited.

  • When I was growing up in a very small town in Illinois, (Sidell, population 500) the only fish I was familiar with came out of local ponds and lakes; catfish, bass and bluegill. My mom wasn’t crazy about cleaning or cooking fish, so when we had fish for dinner it was at my grandma’s house.

  • Have you been looking through the ton of seed catalogs that have been popping up in your mail box since late fall? Do you look through them and make notes about varieties you want and admire the new exotic looking plants? Do you think, oh, I can just buy one or two of those this spring at the garden center? Think back to last spring, were you disappointed when you went to buy those new and different varieties and the garden center had the same old petunias, geraniums, zinnias, and whatever else you can think of?

  • Every couple of years we see an increased incidence of a disease called fire blight on ornamental and fruit trees including apple, crabapple, serviceberry, pear, plum and cherry. Fire blight is a disease caused by a bacterium (Erwinia amylovora) that over winters in sunken cankers on the tree: once temperatures warm in the spring the bacterium oozes out of the canker, insects land on the sticky sub-stance and spread it with efficiency as they travel from blossom to blossom.


    Honor Flight

    The American Legion Post #49 in Lebanon is sponsoring an Honor Flight. This flight provides free travel for World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials established for them. The Honor Flight will be free to the veteran. If interested, contact Stanley Gaddie at 270-692-8890 or Roger Milburn at 859-805-0990.

    Senior center

  •  We’ve all heard the saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman.”

    However, muralist Michael Cooper would disagree.

    From his point-of-view, behind every great man are four great women.

    Actually, five counting his wife, Mickie, who is co-owner of their business, Murals & More, and is the person who keeps him organized.


    Marion County Middle School parent nominations

    Marion County Middle School is seeking minority parent nominations for the 2017-18 school year. The minority parent that is elected will be a part of the principal selection process for the upcoming school year. Nominations can be made until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22. Nomination forms will be available at the front office of MCMS. This will be for parents of current sixth and seventh grade students at MCMS. The election will be held on Thursday, May 24, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at MCMS.


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