• COLUMN: Missing sports

    I miss sports, both as a fan and a reporter.
    I miss the exciting plays, cheering fans and memorable moments that define sports.
    The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has shut down the sports world — along with the rest of the world - which should make us take a step back, slow down and appreciate things a little bit more.
    In my more than four and a half years covering sports for the Enterprise, never would I have thought a global pandemic like this would happen, and never would I have thought it would uproot our way of life as it has.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Walk-on Isaac DeGregorio already has UK National Championship ring

    By Larry Vaught

    Most players come to Kentucky to play basketball hoping to win a national championship. Walk-on guard Isaac DeGregorio has the same dream for next season when he joins the one Wildcats but unlike his other teammates, he already has a UK national championship ring.

  • COLUMN: My hope: One team

    In the second week of March, the sports world stood still.
    As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic swept across the globe and began hitting the United States like a haymaker, Americans were awakened in startling fashion to the seriousness the virus posed.
    The response, in general, has acknowledged the seriousness of the virus.
    Nationwide, businesses were ordered to close in-person services. Public gatherings were strongly discouraged, then outright prohibited. Social distancing became our new way of life.

  • COLUMN: Patience and prudence

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) has dominated the headlines, forced the mass cancellation of sporting events worldwide and caused considerable concern and worry across the globe.
    Understandably so, people are frustrated, worried and uncertain of what the future holds in terms of coronavirus.
    However, panicking and ignoring the situation are the last things we need to.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Maci Morris loved playing, living in Italy but now she's thankful to be home

    By Larry Vaught

    Having the opportunity to play professional basketball in Italy was an experience that former Kentucky basketball star Maci Morris knew would be unlike anything she had done before.
    It started out that way, too. She was leading her team in scoring, getting to see and do new things, and basically just having fun.
    Then the coronavirus started spreading throughout Italy.

  • COLUMN: Coming to an end

    The end of anything is always an emotional time for anyone.
    However, what happens when something that has been the focal point of your life comes to an end?
    Sports undoubtedly become a huge and integral part of someone’s life as they get more and more involved in them. Life revolves around practices, games and other sports-related obligations. Sports come first and stay first in an athlete’s life.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Former UK point guard says Ashton Hagans still key to postseason success

    By Larry Vaught

    He might be struggling with his shooting and turnovers. He might have even had confrontations with both coach John Calipari and teammate Nick Richards during UK's loss to Tennessee that apparently led to him missing last week's win at Florida.
    Yet one former Kentucky point guard still believes Ashton Hagans is the key to what success UK has or does not have in postseason play.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Freshman receiver Kalil Branham multi talented on and off field

    By Larry Vaught

  • COLUMN: Postseason talk

    Around Kentucky, postseason is the talk of the town.
    Across the state, boys and girls high school basketball teams are competing in the district tournament for a district title and a spot in the regional tournament.
    Forget records or regular season performances. When the postseason kicks off, anything can happen.
    In postseason, the stakes couldn’t be higher. A loss could possibly end a team’s season. District title, region titles and a state title are all up for grabs.
    The postseason is a really, really big deal, for obvious reasons.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Versatile Tennessee guard could be real 'treasure' for Kentucky

    By Larry Vaught

    She’s a top 10 national recruit and has participated in USA Basketball events. However, Kentucky signee Treasure Hunt always had one other dream.
    “My whole life I dreamed of making the McDonald’s All-American and Jordan Brand Classic,” she said. “Now that I have done it, it’s a bit unreal. I guess when I get to Chicago (for Jordan Brand) and then Houston (for McDonald’s) it will really get to me.”


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