• 2019 Pacing Broodmare of the Year
  • XB RESULTS--Feb. 22


    Results for Feb. 22

    First place - Brandon Ballard from New Hope on two bulls - 157.5 points
    Second place - Ervin Yoder from Bardstown - 81 points
    Third place - John Wesley from Lafayette, Tennessee - 78 points
    Fourth place - Herman Detweiler from Columbia - 73.5 points

    Novice bullriding
    First place - Ervin Schlabach from Columbia - 75 points
    Second place - Devin Kerr from Leitchfield - 60 points

    Steer riding

  • XB RESULTS--Feb. 15

    Results for Feb. 15

    First place - Ervin Yoder from Bardstown - 76 points
    Second place - Herman Detweiler from Columbia - 74 points

    Novice Bull Riding
    First place - Dalton Underwood from Cookeville, Tenn. - 67 points
    Second place - Tyler Greer from Horsecave - 65 points
    Third place - Will Farmer from Bradfordsville - 62 points
    Fourth place - Tyler Mattingly from Loretto - 60 points

    Steer Riding
    First place - Chloe Ann Boone from New Hope - 70 points

  • Carter gets buck
  • PEOPLE: A determined spirit

    Austin Peterson has never been one to give up easily.
    If you ask him, giving up is simply something he refuses to do.
    Even after an accident flipped his whole world upside down, Peterson was determined to overcome it, prove anyone who doubted him wrong and live his life to the fullest.
    Since he was young, Peterson was always involved in something related to racing, vehicles or driving.
    “Dad had me on a four-wheeler when I was four-years-old. You can blame him for everything,” he said.

  • Tall Dark Stranger wins Breeders Crown


  • Pokey Pig 5K Results

    Farmers National Bank Pokey Pig 5K Run/Walk Results

    Overall Male Winner

    Cody Horn, Louisville, 16:27.68


    Overall Female Winner

     Madi Hardin, Lebanon, 22:30.79


    Male 12 and Under

    1st--Daniel Filiatreau, Springfield, 22:49.84

    2nd--Kirkland May, Campbellsville, 23:13.76

    3rd--Cash Strong, Campbellsville, 25:29.75  


  • Avritt's horse wins Kentucky Sire Stakes Final

    On Sept. 15, Beautyonthebeach won the $250,000 Kentucky Sire Stakes Final for three-year-old pacing fillies at The Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky. Her time for the mile was 1:49.2. Her owners are Jim and LaVerne Avritt of MeadowCreek Farm in Lebanon. Beautyonthebeach also won all three preliminary legs. In 2019, she has five wins in 11 starts and has earned $200,851. Her lifetime earnings are $474,873.

  • Bikers, hikers and runners should check out Cades Cove Loop

    By Larry Vaught, Sports correspondent

    There are not many races of any length in national parks and that makes the Cades Cove Loop Lope Nov. 3 in the Great Smokies Mountain National Park even more unique.

    The event offers both a 5K (3.1 mile) and 10 mile course through historic Cades Cove, which will be closed to vehicular traffic, like it is every Sunday morning when bikers,  hikers and runners have a chance to travel part of all of the 10-mile loop through the park.

  • Hunting and fishing success

    Kyle Purdom, 9, got his first deer, a five-point buck on opening day, Nov. 11, in Bradfordsville. He also caught this largemouth bass. He is the son of Kevin and Amy Purdom.


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